Space in Between

Starting from the traditional codes of geometrical forms that are mathematical, precise, and can be named as basic, like the triangle, the square, the circle and others, I use these elements to convey a new choreography of forms and spaces outlined by framed elements.

As part of my work I fuse the neutral grey tones with a hint of color to invade the crude linen, every shape independent, every element free on its own but leaning on the next.
 My latest work is copied from the Satellite mapped images from Google of areas of great population and poverty in Latin American countries, especially of my native Venezuela where I have lived most of my life.

The Fragmented topography presents layers of nude colors while the metallic medium reflects light referenced by the tin roofs of the urban uneven landscape in which I engage in the virtual space between the atmosphere and earth, while floating over the constructed imagery.

Irene Pressner